Tips for Easing Sunday Anxiety and Preparing for a New Work Week

Tips for Easing Sunday Anxiety and Preparing for a New Work Week

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Have you ever felt a pit in your stomach as your weekend draws to a close? The feeling of dread is known as the “Sunday scaries,” a type of anticipatory anxiety that manifests on Sunday and tends to worsen into the evening. The Sunday scaries are a response to nervousness and stress over the work week ahead. While very common, dealing with Sunday dread can be challenging. Check out the following tips and resources to relieve that knot in your stomach and enjoy your Sunday as the lazy and relaxing day it should be!

Use Sunday for Self-Care

Sunday is all about you! Dedicate the day to self-care, personal hobbies, and enjoyable activities that make you feel great.

Tackle Sunday Night Insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep on Sunday night, you’re not alone. Take advantage of these resources to improve your sleep quality so you can wake up bright-eyed on Monday morning!

  • If work-related concerns are keeping you up, try falling asleep while listening to a relaxing podcast or audiobook.
  • A weighted blanket may also offer some anxiety relief at bedtime.

Prepare for the Week Ahead

Use Friday to prepare for next week so you don’t have to spend your weekend thinking about work and everything you have to get done on Monday.

  • Write out your day plan for Monday and note your biggest priorities. 
  • Give your home a quick clean and put away stress-inducing clutter.
  • Plan your meals for the upcoming week and get your grocery shopping done.
  • Pay bills and manage your weekly budget so you can stay on top of your financial health.

Your weekend should be a time for rest and relaxation. It’s your chance to recover from the events of last week and rejuvenate your mind and body for the work to come. Don’t let the Sunday scaries rob you of this valuable opportunity. With a little planning and attention to self-care, you can finally take back your Sunday!